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Our Technology

Our Product is a lead free. Since lead is a highly toxic metal that has detrimental health effects. Lead based points have been found to poison waterways & river, causing cancer & atom illness. Our product is made with eco-friendly ingredients. Anti corrosive properties of our product offer excellent UV & salt resistance. Lab tests have shown that Rustonil treated objects has bout perform. The existing anticorrosive products in the market when subject to the same salt spray & UV tests. Rustonil has an supper edge over the other existing products as it is a single â step application process for removing & converting rust into iron & further protecting iron from rusting. Rustonil which, upon drying, will result in a long-lasting black surface on the treated object surface. This treated surface provider better bonding to the paint that ferrous phosphate (Primer) & the resulting surface after treatment gives exceptionally smooth finish.